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Target Pants-R9000-Green

Product code: 311701 | Noin, profeandheandlnand flsteedbaloin
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Product description

Jadberg Target Pants-R9000-Green

Noin, profeandheandlnand flsteedbaloin

Used technologies and materials

Target Pants-R9000-Green
Professional athletes require to clothing and equipment they use for their activities match their qualities and their properties is challenging and, if possible, to help them hone their skills. Based on these findings Jadberg developed a system of "ProLine", which combines the latest…
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Target Pants-R9000-Green
+ SubCol Jadberg from the new technology of color printing, which provides much brighter, clearer and more durable shades unlimited palette with direct printing neon (fluo) colors. Products treated with this system still looks like new even after years of use.
Target Pants-R9000-Green
CoolFeel - is a system based on the use of inserted pieces of ventilation breathable materials that are actively involved in the transport and evaporation of body moisture and excess temperature resulting from increased exercise. Thereby maintain ideal microclimate sportsman on a level…
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