XGE Pants Adjust

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XGE Pants Adjust

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New switching

On the new model, we've heard the wishes of our goalies and used a new type of belt with a wider strap and snap-on plastic fastening. At the same time, the top of the waist is completed with three quick-release buttons. The proven system of individual tape adjustment in the side panels has been preserved and I have recently added the back of the rubber so that the pants even better embrace the body.


Fancy details

We in Jadberg are known to play with every detail and make us happy. That's how we've topped our Top Pants, and in the shades of color, you can find the XGE logo underneath, which adds a touch of originality and detail to detail. However, this does not end with XGE being sculpted into every detail.

Top materials

At XGE we did not really spare quality materials and we chose the best of what the world market offers. Just like the only floorball manufacturer, we use Kevlar® genuine trousers, identical to those used in the military or aerospace industry. In order not to be enough under the kevlar, Cordura is sure to top it, while cooling it, so it prevents burning. We chose the main material for a long time and found a solid but very airy FGK-Polyester with a cotton finish to a Spanish supplier. All quality European materials.

Gadgets for demanding

We have recently included the possibility to shorten the length according to the height of the player. The trousers are supplied prolonged and if the length does not suit you, the possibility of shortening is shortened. So we are approaching the leaner golmen, who often had to catch in pants of unsatisfactory size.

Sophisticated fastening

A few years ago, we switched to Velcro fastening and it seemed to be a step in the right direction. This type of switching is fully adjustable in the spirit of "ADJUST", it does not press and do not crack anywhere. The sophisticated system has recently been added with another velcro-velcro fastener, which prevents the trousers from sliding over the pants at the bottom of the pants.


XGE Pants Adjust
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XGE Pants Adjust
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XGE Pants Adjust
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XGE Pants Adjust
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