Neon winter leggings

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Extra insulated women's winter leggings with a high waist made of functional, insulated and flexible material. Leggings warm up and shape the figure.
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Neon winter leggings

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Extra insulated women's winter leggings with a high waist made of functional, insulated and flexible material. Leggings warm up and shape the figure.

Extra insulated women's winter leggings with a high waist made of functional, insulated and flexible material. Leggings warm up and shape the figure. Product code: 1522203
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Ours winter leggings NeonThey adhere perfectly to your body and shape your figure beautifully. The leggings from the new La Bella Figura collection are tall thermo pas and are made of luxurious and comfortable, functional, combed and insulated material with a significant proportion of elastane, flexible in all directions and wicking away moisture. Leggings will warm up, but at the same time you will not sweat in them

  • Figure shaping and improving cut with high hips and waist
  • The warm material is also suitable for more winter and wind
  • Thermo waist, heating the kidneys to prevent blowing
  • Non-scratching, flatlock design with soft and flexible seams for high mobility
  • The leggings adapt to the shape of their owner, the effect of the second skin
  • Neon color (real fluo pigment) beautiful, suitable and safe.
  • Author's and unmissable design, made in our country in the Czech Republic

A high waist shapes the figure and warms the kidney area. Top quality, partially recycled material with high weight and knitting density (280g / m2) with a memory effect ensures maximum comfort during any physical activity, maintains warmth and increases resistance to wind. Sophisticated cut with raised hips and waist subtly shapes and improves figure and buttocks. Our leggings fall on the body and hold exactly where they have and they don't ride

After several uses, the leggings adapt in shape to their owner and are like a second skin. We make them new flat seam technologywhich are extra flexible and durable and increase the comfort and durability of the leggings. Vibrant and real fluo colors are the result of new high-resolution printing technology. Original and unmissable design, UV Protection SPF40 +.

Leggings are suitable for winter sports: Cross-country skiing, Skiing, Skiing, Winter hiking, Winter running, or also suitable as the first layer of functional underwear for winter activities, or for you what you like warmth. Until the winter, we recommend combining with our insulated skirt Cat. Material: 80% Perch. Polyester, 20% Elastane.

If we sew the leggings, they are currently in production and the delivery time is approx. 7-14 working days. Made in the Czech Republic in our workshop in Moravia. We recommend winter leggings order a little biggeras the material is combed they are quite tight. The model measures 170cm and is size S.

Neon winter leggings
Extra elastic material having a high proportion of 15-20% of elastomer. Products made of this material have a high muscle strengthening and preservation of thermal comfort, which makes it prevents muscle injuries, premature fatigue and to accelerate recovery.
Neon winter leggings
+ SubCol Jadberg from the new technology of color printing, which provides much brighter, clearer and more durable shades unlimited palette with direct printing neon (fluo) colors. Products treated with this system still looks like new even after years of use.
Neon winter leggings
Flat seams of Coats core yarns provide great comfort, are comfortable with cotton effect, nowhere do not scratch and emphasize the comfortable use of the product. Thanks to the patented technology is very strong, but flexible. They are ideal for heavy-duty stitching and elastic.
Neon winter leggings
Insulated functional material with the ability to evaporate excess moisture, but if necessary heat. Suitable for winter sports, or as a first layer on ski or skis.
Neon winter leggings
The top of the core yarn of the highest quality with high strength, elasticity and tear resistance. Coats-best yarn manufacturers in the world that can prolong life.
Neon winter leggings
Tento výrobek jsme vyrobili v naší rodinné dílně na Moravě, v kraji vína a Slunce, kde se fortel a nadšení spojuje s krásou lidových tradic a okolní přirody. Tyto pozitivní emoce vkládáme i do našich výrobků, žijeme s nimi a budeme vděčni pokud jejich prostřednictvím je pocítíte i vy.

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