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Professional women's thermal T-shirt with long sleeves made of soft, insulated and elastic material with excellent functional parameters.
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Thermo + Neon

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Professional women's thermal T-shirt with long sleeves made of soft, insulated and elastic material with excellent functional parameters.

Professional women's thermal T-shirt with long sleeves made of soft, insulated and elastic material with excellent functional parameters. Product code: 1502203
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Our women functional thermal T-shirt Neonyou will fall in love. Soft material it will keep you warm, but because it is fully functional, you will not sweat. Author's design will interest everyone around you, but you yourself will feel great in it. The right length of the sleeve and the back part are just right for winter fun full of movement and joy, and the slim fit together with the flexible material adheres beautifully to the body and creates the first layer of functional clothing.

  • Women's cut with the right length of sleeves and back
  • The soft, warm and functional material is suitable for any weather
  • The material is fully technical and thermoregulatory - it warms in winter, but you get sweaty
  • Round collar to the neck
  • Also suitable as a base layer for outdoor sports
  • Author's and unmissable design, made in our country in the Czech Republic

Thermotriction designs and cuts we completely design ourselves so that we feel good in them. We put our Hearts into it and each collection is a small piece of us, from what we just feel and experience and want to share with you. Neonis a pure sports style for all hearts. Distinctive design, neon colors, sharply cut features, all this predestines it for action. It is a beautiful and clean and technical style. When we photographed him first, it occurred to me that he was very nice and everyone who would have him would look like a representative.

The material is combed on the inside so it warms up, but at the same time thanks to its structure which ensures the transfer of sweat to the outside of the knitwear, where the moisture spreads and evaporates very quickly, it keeps the body dry. The collar adapted to a suitable mini stand predestines this thermal T-shirt for use on cold days, as a base layer for all kinds of outdoor sports, including skiing, cross-country skiing, cycling, running, etc. Luminous neon colors with fluo pigments are the result of a new, unique printing technology. The characteristic of the ThermoPlus T-shirt is functionality and keeping the body warm. UV40 +. Material: Extrasoft PES-84% Polyester, 16% Elastane.

If we sew thermotroses, they are currently in production and the delivery time is about 5-7 working days. The model measures 170 cm and has a size S. Made in the Czech Republic in our workshop in Moravia.

Thermo + Neon
Zateplený, funkční a elastický materiál s jemným počesáním z rubové strany s rychlou schopností odpařovat přebytečnou vlhkost a zahřívacími parametry. Vhodný jako první vrstva termoprádla. Výrobky z tohoto materiálu jsou vhodné do chladných podmínek jako je podzimní či zimní sportování,…
Thermo + Neon
DryFeel - products with this system is characterized by fast drying, treatment with an immediate transmission of body moisture to the surface and its subsequent evaporation. This system is used for functional products which meet high demands for comfort.
Thermo + Neon
Flat seams of Coats core yarns provide great comfort, are comfortable with cotton effect, nowhere do not scratch and emphasize the comfortable use of the product. Thanks to the patented technology is very strong, but flexible. They are ideal for heavy-duty stitching and elastic.
Thermo + Neon
The top of the core yarn of the highest quality with high strength, elasticity and tear resistance. Coats-best yarn manufacturers in the world that can prolong life.
Thermo + Neon
Tento výrobek jsme vyrobili v naší rodinné dílně na Moravě, v kraji vína a Slunce, kde se fortel a nadšení spojuje s krásou lidových tradic a okolní přirody. Tyto pozitivní emoce vkládáme i do našich výrobků, žijeme s nimi a budeme vděčni pokud jejich prostřednictvím je pocítíte i vy.

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